Book Review: The Search for Synergy (The Talisman series #1)

The Search for Synergy is the first book in The Talisman Series by Brett Salter. It follows Rome Lockheed, a young boy, as he discovers that he is a dragon and needs to save the world from evil. His partner in this adventure is Julian Rider, a knight, and they are guided by a librarian named Mr. Jones.

This book is fast-paced and packed with adventure and mystery. The story draws you in, and at no point did I feel like putting the book down. I did not want the book to end, and lucky for me, it’s just the first book of a series.

The characters in the book were outstanding. Rome is a realistic character and hence, was very relatable. Additionally, Julian is a great person to have as a friend. Rome’s and Julian’s personalities changed while in dragon and knight form, respectively. This aspect was not just an interesting part of the plot, but I liked that the author did this as this meant he had to come up with two more characters who got along well like Rome and Julian’s normal human characters did. 

Each person was quirky in their own way. Moreover, they all had a good sense of humor and were quippy. The way Julian talks to his father, Mr. Jones exclaimed, Rome talks to Julian’s father, and the few times Mr.Rider shows his humorous side were great additions to a good story.

The style of writing was more colloquial than other books I’ve read. It made the book easier to read and more enjoyable. The vocabulary was different and caught me off guard. It seemed a bit too advanced for the target audience. However, I found that to be a positive. In fact, I learned quite a few new words myself.

The book could’ve been edited more. There were a few typos and grammar issues. Some of them made it difficult to read at times, and a few potentially changed the meaning of sentences. 

The book also seemed short. Even considering the fast pace and the packed plot, I feel that it could’ve used more story in it. 

Overall, this book is perfect for the target audience, and I look forward to the adventures in the following books of the series. It is a complete package of fun, adventure, mystery, and humor. Oh, and frying pans and paper clips! I don’t want to spoil too much, but I will say this, I laughed out loud when the frying pans finally came to good use!

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