Character Sketches: Rome Lockheed and Julian Rider

Who are Rome Lockheed and Julian Rider?

A reader’s perspective into the two protagonists of The Talisman Series

[These character sketches are accompaniments to character sketches of Rome Lockheed and Julian Rider on the Wiki Fandom page for The Talisman Series.]

The Talisman series follows Rome’s journey into the world of Dragons, Knights and Wizards. The first book is about his introduction to this world. He also learns that Julian Rider, a friend of his, is a Knight, his sworn brother and his partner in battle. From the second book onwards, they resume their journey in fighting monsters and saving the world, and along the way, they meet other allies and monsters.

Rome Lockheed is a kind and friendly young teenager. He is intelligent and quite good at understanding people.

He loves his parents and appreciates their hard work to give him a good life. As we read more, we learn that he has many good values, and the credit for that goes to his parents.

His other two main relationships are with Julian and Krysta. He considers Julian to be his best friend and said he could not live without him. He has a crush on Krysta Valanche. He also wants to meet and get to know other dragons

He doesn’t believe easily but, in his defence, everything that took place to him in the books was hard to believe. Would you believe you set your neighbour’s tree on fire with your thoughts?

He is new to leadership, but he is growing into that role. With the number of allies growing, a leader is required. He can be a good leader, so it would be great if Rome stepped up to that plate.  

He wants to do the right thing. So, the opportunity to save the world is a good task to assign him. He wants to save people out of the goodness of his heart.

Julian Rider is a chatty and enthusiastic young teenager. He does not and will not fit into any mould. He doesn’t think before he talks or does anything, so his words or actions could seem rash. He would prefer to do things rather than read about them. He also gets bored quickly, so fighting battles or preparing for them is an excellent way to pass the time.

When it comes to family, the books mainly talk about his sister and his father. He was daring to go against his father’s ideals and wishes. He also hates liars, and if things were different, he would tell his father the truth about him being a Knight. However. the way things are right now, he wouldn’t, and we would say, couldn’t, tell his father. Additionally, his father may be a Synergist Knight and hasn’t told anyone yet so maybe he’s lying to his son. 

Julian loves his sister (only a bit, he says) and appreciates her and Krysta’s presence on the battlefield. He thinks she’s annoying and wasn’t sad when she left to go to school in England. 

Socially, Julian was shy around people before, but he had a secret to hide. The pressure of knowing the truth about the world had a burden on him. He needed to find a dragon quickly to save the world. 

Fast forward to now, he thinks Mr Jones has trained him to be the most famous Darkbrand slayer the world has ever seen. We would agree with him on that matter. Julian is fantastic, and Mr Jones is a great teacher. His armour and helmet are heavy, and he wished others appreciated his efforts in carrying the equipment around. He is thankful to The Great Synergy for giving him a brother. He is an excellent complement to Rome and describes him as courage personified.

Rome and Julian want to belong somehow somewhere. Given this opportunity, they feel it is their destiny and want to do the right thing. They also want to save the world out of the goodness of their heart.  

In terms of their friendship, there is mutual respect for each other. They care for each other and their spatial linking along with The Great Synergy has brought them more closer than ever.

During their past adventures, they have discovered new dragons, knights, wizards and monsters. While Julian discovers more family members to have the secret, Rome finds other dragons.

Sometimes their eagerness to save the world and attack the monsters doesn’t work well in their favour. It was especially the case when they hadn’t completed The Great Synergy the right way, but here’s hoping that they are more prepared for their future adventures with their full powers and having practised their powers.

They might even benefit from learning more and reading more books. Camela seemed more well-informed than Julian though they had the same upbringing.

To conclude, Rome and Julian are good kids in a unique situation. They have many more adventures ahead of them, and a Tyrant King is waiting to be stopped by this awesome duo. We are the lucky readers who get front row seats to their fun without getting burnt or attacked.

For trivia and facts about Rome and Julian, check out our interview with them here.


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