Character Sketches: Jericho Rider and Clay Andreas

Who are Jericho Rider and Clay Andreas?

A reader’s perspective into two side characters of The Talisman Series

[These character sketches are accompaniments to character sketches of Jericho Rider and Clay Andreas on the Wiki Fandom page for The Talisman Series.]

Jericho Rider was a piece to the family tree that Julian and Camela did not realise was missing. Fortunately, he was what they needed in multiple ways.

Though the first impression was the greatest, he apologised multiple times and made up for it in the best way possible. He has been a loyal ally since then, along with Clay Andreas. He is also very courteous.

One particular trait about him I found unique was the clarity of his thoughts. In Battle of Verdana, he speaks of his destiny and the reasoning behind his actions. He understands his role and purpose in the upcoming war and the magical world he is a part of. It is good that he knows these things compared to the other teenagers who are going with the flow. The age of 18 is young, but it is refreshing to hear his calm and collected voice amid everyone else’s in the book.

Another dragon for Rome to befriend! That’s the only thought I had when I realised Clay Andreas is an ally and a dragon. Rome wants to know more about dragons, and I am so happy he found another one. Moreover, the best part is that he was an allied dragon before we even realised it!

As an Earth dragon, he is good to have on a team. The protagonists need massive tanks that cannot be penetrated.

As a human, he is a fun addition and good company to Julian. While Rome is Julian’s sworn brother, the former has his serious side. Clay can be free and chill as Julian is all the time. This is especially great in situations like the airport scene at the beginning of The Battle for Verdana.

The more allies, the merrier! Fighting monsters is not easy, and with the big fight against the Tyrant King coming up, Rome and Julian could use all the help they could get to save the world.

Jericho and Clay looked out for Rome and Julian before the protagonists knew it themselves. It is nice to see that they have people in addition to Mr Jones and Mrs Case looking after them. I wonder, though, who is going to look after Jericho? While Clay is spatially linked to him, he may not understand or acknowledge how tough it is for Jericho every time he performs the Chaos Eater spell. Either their communication is lacking, or there are things we don’t know about their dynamic yet. For now, it doesn’t seem like Jericho will stop helping others, so doesn’t someone need to take care of him while he takes care of numerous others?



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